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HEIDENHAIN has been developing and manufacturing touch probes for workpiece and tool measurement on machine tools for over 30 years now, in particular for milling machines and machining centers. The setup, measuring and monitoring functions of the touch probes can be fully automated-in conjunction with most NC controls they can even be controlled by the program-and help to reduce costs. Read more...

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The OLP40 can use Renishaw's legacy or modulated optical signal transmission systems without any compromise in metrology performance. When used with an OMI-2T interface unit, two OLP40s can be used on the same machining center. Read more...

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Inspec Inc.

Measurement is vital to any manufacturing business, providing essential information to control processes and verify products. But older coordinate measuring machines can become bottlenecks if they fail to keep pace with changing measurement needs. Read more...

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Radio Transmission Touch Probes: CNC Applications from Rehishaw.Renishaw is making waves with the introduction of new touch probe systems that use its unique frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) probe signal radio transmission technology to allow automated job set-up and in-process measurement on all sizes of CNC machine tools. Read more...

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