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Measuring Systems for Machine Tool Inspection and Acceptance Testing

Machine tool performance from the point of view of compliances to tolerances, surface definition, etc., is determined essentially by the dynamic and static accuracy of machine movement. For precision machining it is therefore important to measure and compensate motional deviations. Guidelines and standards for in... Read more...

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Inspec Inc.

3D laser scanners capture the 3-dimensional contours of a physical object using a single line of laser light. These scanners produce a “point cloud” of data creating a digital image of the object’s exact size and shape.

3D Digital Corp provides scanners for all types of applications including medical, dental, aerospace, and many more!

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Nikon Metrology

LC15Dx is a high resolution, high accuracy CMM scanner in the accuracy range of tactile measurements. With its smaller field of view, perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances. Read more...

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Measuring and inspection systems from Micro-Epsilon are used in the metallurgical industry and metalworking in order to ensure efficient production. Read more...

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The LJ-V7000 Series, High-Speed Laser Scanner, sets a new standard for speed and precision in 3D laser measurement. In addition to a wide range of heads that provide scan areas as wide as 9.45 inches (240 mm) and Z-axis repeatability as high as 20 millionths of an inch (0.4 µm), the LJ-V7000 Series provides an unprecedented range of onboard measurement tools. Read more...

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