Inspec Inc.

Height gages are used for measuring the height of components or product features. They can vary from simple surface gages for measurement transfer and marking, to motorized, digital machines. Height gages are available with both English and metric incremental scales as well as scale, digital and dial variations. Read more...

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The Altiissimo Electronic Height Gage is innovative, easy-to-use, and loaded with Starrett-exclusive functions that allow you to easily program measuring routines that run smoothly and reliably. Read more...

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Mahr Federal Inc.

The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 816 CL. You want to obtain highly accurate measurement results without any complicated procedures? With the Digimar 816 CL you have the perfect partner for simple and accurate measurements both in the workshop or on the production line, just as you expect from Mahr! Read more...

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