Sitron - These conductive liquid level controllers are used to power all of Sitron's EL line of conductive level probes. Read more...

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Process Technology

Frontier Ultra is a high-wattage, high-flow inline chemical/solvent heater for use in a variety of applications and industries.

  • No wetted o-rings maintain an ultra clean heating process.
  • Offers outstanding performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements.
  • Safely heat process chemistries, including IPA
  • Certification: UL499,...

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Hayward Flow Control

Hayward Flow Control is pleased to announce the release of the new HMC Series Indicating Controllers. The HMC Series Controllers include pH/ORP, Conductivity, and a Multi-Parameter models that accepts analog input signals from a wide range of process sensors... Read more...

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Fluidwell bv

Increase your service level, optimize your processes from anyplace, anywhere, anytime!

With Smart Services we go further then just remote level monitoring. Apart from the measured value, it is now possible to gain full access to the sensor data from anyplace, anywhere, anytime for improving and optimizing your complete process. Read more...

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Senix Corporation

Need a rugged long-range ultrasonic sensor? ToughSonic 50 ultrasonic sensors have a maximum range of 50 feet (15.2 meters). Like all Toughsonic sensors, they are built for durability and ease of use in tough industrial environments. ToughSonic 50s are fully immersible, corrosion resistant, shock resistant and all around tough. Read more...

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ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB offers advanced technologies that accurately and consistently provide process level measurement & control in power plant environments such as coal-bunkers, feedwater heaters and boilers, condensate drip legs, and fly ash silos. In an effort to improve plant heat-rate and overall system efficiencies, power-generating facilities around the globe Read more...

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