Thermon Manufacturing Co.

The well established Thermon Terminator range has now been extended by the Terminator ECM – Electronic Control Module. This highly accurate state of the art controller has a very wide control range and can be located in hazardous areas. Read more...

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From single loop with one output to multiple-loop with 9 outputs and microprocessor-based PID control, Chromalox offers precisely the required level of simplicity or sophistication.

Advanced models feature heating and/or cooling control modes, graphical / text LCD display, multiple alarm protection, programmable event outputs, customizable setup, enhanced profiling with data loggi... Read more...

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The Chromalox intelliTRACE ITC series is designed for line or ambient sensing heat trace applications such as freeze protection and/or process temperature control. This controller may be used with constant wattage, mineral insulated or self regulating heating cables. The ITC is intended for use in industrial locations in either hazardous (Class I, Division 2*) or non-hazardous environmen... Read more...

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Whether you have to manage temperature, flow, valve positioning or pressure, the Chromalox 40 Series Temperature and Process Controllers provide you with a comprehensive feature list and the flexibility to meet your most demanding process needs.

Application needs change over time, but that doesn't mean that you'll need to change your controller. The Chromalox 40 series modular car... Read more...

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Regloplas Corp.

The RT100 and RT50 control systems ensure an optimal configuration for practically every application. The RT61 control system and the RT32 controller are a simple and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications.
All of our controllers are designed to avoid problems before they arise.

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OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

Omega’s new CN38S series of temperature controllers are easy to program and feature an input for thermocouple, RTD and thermistor, a sensitive touch keypad and a programmable password protection. Read more...

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The Chromalox 4080 is an affordable temperature and process controller with advanced functionality including profiling and data-logging options. The 4080 incorporates a graphic/text LCD display and is designed to improve user efficiency with many features integrated to reduce startup time, simplify operation and minimize downtime. Read more...

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Viconics Technologies Inc.

Viconics Technologies is proud to announce the official release of the new VT8300 Low Voltage Fan Coil Controller. Designed for new

construction and retrofit projects, the VT8300 can substantially decrease project delivery costs by reducing installation, configuration and commissioning time Read more...

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