HORIBA Scientific

The UVISEL ellipsometer range offers the best combination of modularity and performance for thin film characterizations. Based on phase modulation technology, the UVISEL ellipsometers delivers high accuracy and high resolution measurements with an excellent signal to noise ratio.

UVISEL ellipsometers offer a modular design, enabling the best fit to your applications. Read more...

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MicroSense, LLC

The MicroSense UltraMap 200C is a new automated wafer measurement tool designed specifically for high throughput dimensional measurement of sapphire wafers for LED manufacturing. The UltraMap 200C utilizes MicroSense’s novel two sided capacitive sensing technology to measure sapphire wafer thickness, TTV (total thickness variation), bow, warp, and LTV (local thickness variation). Read more...

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MTI Instruments Inc.

Solar Wafer Thickness Tool from MTI. The PV-1000 is a High speed, multi-channel thickness, TTV and bow measurement module for in-process monitoring of solar/photovoltaic wafers and other materials. Read more...

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