R&I Manufacturing Co.

Bidirectional Transfer Device provides a practical low-cost method for automatic work positioning. The unit is extremely compact and eliminates the need for complex, expensive work positioning mechanisms. The DURA-TRANS unit that provides the horizontal motion has been tested under actual operating conditions with up to 160 million inches accumulated travel with negligible wear. Read more...

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Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

Robotic Pick and Place is a cost effective workhorse that never tires. Fast and repetitive, Pick and Place robots can outperform other types of automation and manual operators. Whether moving parts to and from equipment or combining them with conveyors, shuttles, turntables or other automation, Pick & Place Robots can be a seemless solution for your production needs. Read more...

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WEISS North America, Inc.

WEISS’ DYNAMIC, SINGLE MODULE, PICK-AND-PLACE HP 140 SERIES DELIVERS DIRECT ALTERNATIVE. Industry leading specialist for rotary tables and automation WEISS North America, Inc. (Willoughby, OH), continues to evolve its HP 140 Pick-and-Place series with a myriad of superior performance capabilities vs. traditional pneumatic systems. Read more...

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