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Design, construction, and operation of plants and machinery for making acids, dyes, drugs, plastics, and rubber.
Pavco, Inc.

Waste water from metal finishing, plating & coating facilities needs to be carefully managed to meet EPA guidelines. PAVCO understands the challenges and offers a complete line of technologies designed to meet the most stringent waste treatment requirements. Read more...

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CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast)

It is a proprietary anodizing chemical additive utilized in sulfuric acid anodizing electrolytes to improve the performance of the resulting anodized surface and facilitate the anodizing process itself. The additive is specially formulated to prevent the aluminum from burning during the anodizing process. Read more...

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Technic, Inc.

Technic's proprietary process solutions are offered under the trade name TechniSol™, and include applications in silver, nickel, copper and tin metallization. Technic also offers a full range of front-end silicon substrate processing chemistry including acids, oxidizers, bases, solvents and dopants. Read more...

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Fortrans Inc.

Sludge Set™ will help your mining, oil, or gas company clean sludge quickly and with ease, while lowering the operational costs required for transport and labor. Read more...

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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.


  • Fuel hoses for automotive industry (CD)
  • Textile membranes (CD)
  • Tapes, tubes, rods and wire coatings (CD)
  • Hydraulic hoses (CD)
  • Circuit boards (AD)
  • Roofing structures (AD)
  • Coated cookware(AD)
  • Slide bearing and valve components (Granular)
  • Sheets, rods, billets and other general molded s...

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