CSC Scientific Company, Inc.

The first question is, "What are Liquid Properties?" Are they some kind of underwater real estate? No, Liquid Properties are Not Underwater Real Estate. From soapy water to ketchup and paint to wine, the characteristics of flowing substances or fluids impact development, formulation and production of so many products. Read more...

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CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast)

It is a proprietary anodizing chemical additive utilized in sulfuric acid anodizing electrolytes to improve the performance of the resulting anodized surface and facilitate the anodizing process itself. The additive is specially formulated to prevent the aluminum from burning during the anodizing process. Read more...

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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.


  • Fuel hoses for automotive industry (CD)
  • Textile membranes (CD)
  • Tapes, tubes, rods and wire coatings (CD)
  • Hydraulic hoses (CD)
  • Circuit boards (AD)
  • Roofing structures (AD)
  • Coated cookware(AD)
  • Slide bearing and valve components (Granular)
  • Sheets, rods, billets and other general molded s...

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