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Daburn Electronics & Cable

Daburn makes and stocks the 5 major types of Lacing Tape, On the product pages you will find full specification identification including mil spec size and finish. The five types are listed with links to their product pages. You will also find a Low Outgassing version of type II and type IV lacing tape at the product link locations below. Read more...

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Design engineers around the world select Argotec's custom engineered precision extruded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tubing, cord and profiles over vinyl options for its superior performance. Read more...

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Hygenic Corporation (The)

Our products can be found as components in food preparation equipment, clothing, costumes, roller covers, roller protectors, posture correction devices, surgical equipment, horse ties, firearms training equipment, explosive devices, turkey calls, magic tricks and wherever natural and synthetic rubber can be used. Read more...

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BRIM Electronics, Inc.

Braided Flat Lacing Cords & Tapes per MlL-T- 43435 & MIL-T-713 (MIL-DTL-713) Flat braided lacing cords and tapes available in Nylon, Dacron, Teflon*, Teflon* Fiberglass and, Nomex. Operating Temperature Ranges: -67°F to +500°F. Available in multi finishes Read more...

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Our New SWI Series Sleeve-Web® provides the same protection against physical damage to exterior surfaces of machined, polished, plated, coated or threaded metal parts as our Standard Duty strength SW Series Sleeve-Web® . Read more...

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