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Emerging applications and building materials and devices for molecular or atomic structures measuring less than 100 nm.
Indium Corporation


One of the biggest misconceptions about NanoFoil® is that it is a form of solder. While it may contain a solder coating if specified (usually tin), it is really a heat source. A NanoBond® requires solder, whether it comes from a plating on the joining surfaces, additional solder preforms, or on the NanoFoil® itself. Read more...

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Advanced Abrasives Corp.

uDiamond® Vivace has been developed to meet the needs of tomorrow, enabling more durable products, with greater efficiency through lowered friction, and is used throughout industries including automotive, power generation, aerospace, industrial and marine. Read more...

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Unique Technologies Associates

When using CSL in place of oil or grease the maximum speed capability will be decreased , although it may still be acceptable for your application. Read more...

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