CIMCOOL's Product CIMGUARD® 10 is a general-purpose solvent-based corrosion preventive and lubricant. CIMGUARD® 10 is an organic rust inhibitor, which has water-displacing properties, and is a fingerprint neutralizer. The protective coating is thin, transparent, colorless, and slightly oily. Read more...

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Sanchem, Inc.

NO-OX-ID rust preventatives are excellent barrier coatings that prevent rust and corrosion from attacking steel surfaces of water tank interiors, water filtration plants, sewage plants, water distribution systems and power plants. Read more...

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Regloplas Corp.

Corrosion inhibitor RK93 prevents corrosion, limescale deposits and the formation of rust in water circuits

Corrosion inhibitor RK93

• Can be mixed with anti-freezing agents and does not attack seals
• Suitable for pressurized water systems
• Economical to use

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