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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

AGC's newest additions to its adhesive-grade product lineup provide industry-leading performance across an expanded range of applications in the automotive, oil and gas, chemical, building and construction, packaging and electronics industries. Read more...

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CHEMEON Surface Technology (formerly Metalast)

Anodized aluminum coating sealant against corrosive alkaline media to meet the GMW 14665 -Class C. It also can be used on anodized medical devices where alkaline resistance is required. Read more...

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Everlube Products

In addition to the extensive use of solid film lubricants on a variety of fasteners, the automotive industry uses our products on bearings, locking mechanisms, hinges and seat belt components, and other moving parts to improve their performance Read more...

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Pittsburgh Corning (FOAMGLAS® insulation)

A liquid applied moisture cure vapor retarder coating especially formulated for use with FOAMGLAS® insulation. PITTCOTE® 300E coating can be used as a protective/vapor retarder coating over FOAMGLAS® insulation under metal jacket or other UV resistant finish or as vapor retarder coating in direct buried applications. Read more...

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DeWAL Industries, Inc.

BlueShield is DeWAL's masking compound. It is a single step compound designed for complex or difficult masking jobs. Read more...

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Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

App provides on-­‐the-­‐go coating recommendations for six different management sites

Sherwin--‐Williams Protective & Marine Coatings launched the Water & Wastewater App designed to provide users with protective coating recommendations for the following water and wastewater operations:

  • Conventional water treatment<......

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Pavco, Inc.

Diamante is the zinc plating industry's only proven low metal zinc-plating process based on potassium hydroxide. The plating efficiency, leveling characteristics, deposit brilliance, and chromate receptivity are superior to conventional alkaline zinc processes. Read more...

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Whitford Corporation

For temperatures above 260°C/500°F, Whitford offers a line of Xylan industrial coatings that are designed to withstand high-heat service temperature exposure up to 550°C/1000°F. These coatings provide excellent thermal shock, good corrosion and oxidation resistance. Read more...

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Whitford Corporation

Vortices trailing high-speed impeller blades, impacting gear teeth, bearings spinning in races, slapping piston skirts, plungers sliding against the walls of actuators, reciprocating detents and other sources of vibration are dampened when treated with Xylan. Under impact, noise generation is reduced. Read more...

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