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DeWAL Industries, Inc.

Joining DeWAL’s line of UHMW-PE tapes and films, two new products offer additional opportunities for production quality and efficiency.DW 400 is an extremely abrasion-resistant UHMW-PE film that has been put through a proprietary densification process, giving it outstanding tensile strength of 21,000 psi , for hoses, rubber belting and chute linings. It can be black or tra... Read more...

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AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

  • Withstands temperatures over 200 °C
  • Easily cleaned simply by wiping its surface
  • Heat and chemical resistant
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-sticking
  • Superior tear strength
  • Light transmission is higher than 90%

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TTG Inc.

TTG produces ePTFE membranes that are used in a variety of "microventing" applications. Unlike regular filtration applications that manage large airflows and utilize re-generable filters, "microventing" applications focus on controlling pressure, air flow, liquid entry pressure and filtration efficiency to protect equipment, products and people. Read more...

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TTG Inc.

TTG membranes are incorporated into laminates used to protect people and equipment. We have partnerships with laminators around the world to provide apparel and protective cover makers with world-class membrane laminates. Read more...

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Hygenic Corporation (The)

HYSYNAL® Synthetic Polyisoprene Sheeting is made from synthetic polyisoprene for applications where latex sensitivity is a concern. Read more...

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Victrex plc.

A new manufacturing facility for high performance thermoplastic films was officially opened last week by UK Chancellor George Osborne. Victrex, a world leader in high performance polymer solutions has invested $25 million (£16 million) to increase its capacity to supply APTIV® film, a success story for the company, with good growth in recent years. Read more...

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Crown Plastics Co., Inc.

The incredible durability and versatility of DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE makes it a favorite among engineers and designers in nearly every industry worldwide. It is extremely stable in temperatures ranging from 220°F, down to cryogenic lows. It is an excellent electric insulator, and is easily machined, punched, sawed, and drilled. Read more...

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Saint-Gobain Foams and Tapes

Skived PTFE film is "skived" or cut from a cylinder using a lathe in USA Germany or China. It is produced in very clean areas with a major focus on contamination control. State-of-the-art skiving lathes make it possible to control to the tightest tolerances in the world. Paste extruded PTFE is produced by pressing the film through an extrusion die. Paste extruded film is unsintered. Read more...

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Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc.

Welcome to Fluoro Lab, the online catalog for Welch Fluorocarbon. Your source for products made with high-performance fluoropolymer films such as Teflon® film. Fluoro Lab is frequently updated with our newest products, the latest models and revised specifications, so check back often for updates. Click here to add Fluoro Lab to your internet browser as a bookmark. Read more...

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