AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

LUMIFLON® FEVE (fluoroethylene and vinyl ether) is the first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer resin for coatings that can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures. Because LUMIFLON resins do not require heat curing, these topcoats can be applied in the factory or in the field.

LUMIFLON resins are used in topcoat formulations to make metal or concrete pr... Read more...

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Dow Polyurethanes

Dow Empowers Infrastructure with VORAFORCE™ Composite Systems

Dow expands its composites portfolio with the VORAFORCE™ TW 1100 series of polyurethane systems developed for composites fabrication by filament winding, to enhance the existing epoxy systems offering. This innovative high-performance series allow for continuous reinforcement and manufacture of... Read more...

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Dow Polyurethanes

Dow’s leadership in material science and the unique combination of epoxy and polyurethane chemistry together with the DowAksa joint venture for carbon fiber and derivatives enables efficient fabrication of stronger, lightweight and more durable composites.

Automotive: Mass Reduction for Mass Production

Dow Automotive will be demonstrating its concept of ‘... Read more...

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Dow Automotive Systems

Affordable Lightweighting – Dow Automotive Systems to launch VORAFORCE 5300 ultra fast epoxy resin for structural composite parts in mass production. 90-second cycle times support faster, more affordable lightweighting and enormous potential for parts consolidation. Read more...

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An industrial motor is important in the operation of machines employed in various industries. Since a company's performance and profitability depend on the efficiency and reliability of these machines, protection of the motors is key. Read more...

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Dow Polyurethanes

Protecting pipes and tanks from the effects of water damage can lengthen the lifespan of expensive equipment and extend capital investments. Dow Polyurethanes has created VORAPEL™ Moisture and Chemical Repellant Polyols, a novel new family of hydrophobic polyols for applications that require increased moisture and chemical resistance, including infrastructure, secondary containment... Read more...

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View a 15 minute overview of innovative material solutions for lighting applications. Read more...

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Celanese Corporation

Outstanding Resistance to Wear, Fatigue, Creep, Moisture, Solvents and Alkalis. Celanese' new Hostaform XGC glass reinforced series for demanding structural applications combines improved mechanical properties with a superior anisotropic shrinkage factor. It gives manufacturers a competitive edge in innovative structural applications, such as window lift plates, gears and motor hou... Read more...

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