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Gabriel Performance Products, LLC

Versamid® resins are reactive polyamide resins designed for use with solid or liquid epoxy resins to provide tough, chemical-resistant, thermoset coating applications that cure at room temperature. These materials also find use in adhesive applications. Read more...

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Victrex plc.

Victrex, a leading provider of high-performance PAEK* polymer solutions, will present its significantly extended portfolio at K 2016. In addition to new types of VICTREX PEEK polymers and their various applications, the focus will be on forward facing integrated offerings and, in particular, new technologies. Read more...

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Henkel Corporation - Electronics

For use with applications that require optical clarity, Henkel has formulated a transparent, low pressure molding TECHNOMELT material to enable high transmittance of optical signals. Used for a variety of sensors in the industrial, consumer, automotive and lighting sectors. Read more...

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Victrex plc.

High performance VICTREX PAEK polymers offer excellent versatility, reliability and design freedom for next generation electronic devices. Leading brands and OEMs specify Victrex high performance polymers including VICTREX PEEK and APTIV films to reach higher performance levels and to differentiate products with novel solutions. Read more...

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Victrex plc.

New Aerospace Bracket Technology Specified For Use On Bombardier Aircraft
Drives Down Fuel And Manufacturing Costs

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