Quality Bearings & Components

These Frelon lined anodized aluminium bearings can tolerate up to 1,500 psi over the portion of the bearing that is carrying the load. Read more...

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SKF/North America

SKF - Solar Hub provides a virtually maintenance-free, reliable, and cost-effective way to track the sun. SKF Solar Hub integrates a self-locking gearbox, bearings, lubricant, and robust sealing solution in a housing for optimal tracking performance in severe outdoor conditions. Read more...

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NB Corporation of America

NB Linear Systems are motion mechanisms such as slide guides, slide screw, ball splines, slide shaft, slide way, slide table, gonio way, actuators, cross-roller, stroke and rotary bush products as well as many flanged products. Designed to minimize size and weight while providing superior performance in high-precision equipment, product quality is unsurpassed Read more...

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WD Bearing Group

WD Linear bearings, manufactured with low cost, are used in limitless journey or used to work in column.As loading ball contacts the shaft at certain point, the bearing application loading capacity is quite small. With rotation of ball with a quite slight friction resistance, high-precise level movement can be obtained. Read more...

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Thomson Industries Inc.

Often the ideal design solution is not about finding the fastest, sturdiest, most accurate or even the least expensive option. Rather, the ideal solution is the optimal balance of performance, life and cost. Thomson is best positioned to help packaging industry machine builders quickly configure the optimal linear motion solution for each application.

The right technology f...

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Thomson Industries Inc.

High Performance Miniature Linear Bearings Outperform the Standard

The new Thomson Miniature Metric Ball Bushing Bearings offer smooth and rapid operation in a light, compact package - lasting up to 27 times longer than conventional linear bearings.

Learn more! Visit the Thomson Miniature Component microsite.

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MISUMI has over 900 Linear Bushings In-Stock and Available for Same Day Shipment!*

Over 900 of the Most Popular Sizes and Styles of Linear Bushings are in stock and Now Available for Same-Day Shipment from our Chicago and Los Angeles Area Warehouses. Read more...

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Schneeberger Inc.

Cage creep is a crossed roller bearing headache caused by uneven preloading, vertical orientation, or high frequency moves. SCHNEEBERGER has the best solution available. Formula-S incorporates rack & pinion which do not interfere with the smooth running performance expected from crossed roller linear bearing sets, even at 30 g accelerations! Read more...

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