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Products and materials used in mechanical assembly, and non-destructive test procedures to detect problems.
Arizona Sealing Devices, Inc.

Arizona Sealing Devices - Designed for protection of 37º flared fittings and straight-threaded ports, series ASP plugs have a nose section that seals on flared fittings without a gasket. The optional ASP-GN series has an added neoprene shoulder gasket for low-pressure sealing of threaded ports. Special gaskets are also available in Butyl or Buna N rubber. Read more...

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Anchor plugs provide a unique self-locking mechanism to permanently bond spool components - they can not separate. This feature is a vital component for a reliable spool. Designed with inner ribs for added protection. Read more...

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Atlantic Rubber Company, Inc.

Atlantic Rubber carries a full line of rubber products for laboratory usage. Our laboratory offerings include: FDA Grade Silicone & SBR Rubber Stoppers, Class VI Silicone, Latex, and Natural Rubber Tubing, Natural Rubber Septa and Class VI Silicone O-Rings. Read more...

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LADD Distribution

Open cavities provide pathways for contaminates to enter the connectors. To ensure the integrity of the seal, any unused cavity must be filled with the appropriate size sealing plug. Read more...

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U.S. Plastic Corporation

Square Plugs feature a series of externally tapered ribs designed to accommodate a wide range of tubing gauges while also satisfying the fit adjustments on tubing with inside dimensional fluctuations. The exterior ribs are designed to provide a sure grip inside a tube without the unsightly plastic shavings found on many straight wall glide installations. Not subject to rust or corrosion.... Read more...

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U.S. Plastic Corporation

With durable construction and excellent gliding edges, we recommend the these Round Plugs for use on a wide range of metal furniture, appliances and similar items. Because they feature a series of tapered ribs, a secure fit is ensured. A thick, impact and abrasion resistant base makes them ideal tubing closures for products subject to heavy-duty service or exposure to adverse environment... Read more...

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Lee Co. (The)

Lee Plug® expansion plugs seal fluid passages leak-tight, without the use of O-rings, threads, or sealants. Read more...

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Seastrom Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Seastrom stocks concave or dome expansion plugs and tapered cup expansion plugs. Dome style available in brass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel. The tapered cup style are available in steel. Available online, order today! Same day shipping for stock items! Read more...

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Daemar Inc.

A complete line of caps designed to protect virtually any product for virtually any application. We offer protective caps manufactured from plastic (low or high-density polyethylene), FlexTemp (for high heat resistance), silicone rubber, aluminum, paper, and vinyl. Read more...

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