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Boker's, Inc.

To expand its extensive production capacity and further accommodate the largest range of applications and industries, Boker’s, Inc. has added 608 new flat washer sizes to its offering. These new sizes increase the company’s expansive line of 27,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes. This addition provides the ultimate customization capability. Custom-built options include... Read more...

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American Ring

The American Ring standard range of disc springs is intended for exacting applications where long fatigue-life or repeatability of force (load)/deflection characteristics is important. Metric sizes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN 2093 or DIN 6796. Read more...

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Gardner Spring, Inc.

Serrated Disc Springs are similar to Bellevilles in shape and basic design, but provide the benefit of serrations on contact surfaces, offering additional grip against nuts or bolt heads. Read more...

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Gardner Spring, Inc.

Ball Bearing Bellevilles are used to pre-load ball bearings to reduce noise and vibration, and are ideal for absorbing axial end play. These parts can be used to pre-load either the inner or outer ring of ball bearings, and are manufactured in sizes complimentary to a range of standard ball bearing sizes. Read more...

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Brewster Washers

Wm. H. Brewster Jr., Inc. manufactures custom spring washers to match your specifications. Read more...

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Temper Corporation

Temper Constant Force Compression Rings are ideal for precision bearing adjustment and solid spacer applications. Rings range in diameters of 1/2 inch to over 6 feet. Forces can be over 200,000 lbs. Read more...

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Disc springs are conically-shaped, washer-type components designed to be axially loaded. What makes disc springs unique is that based on the standardized calculations of DIN 2092, the deflection for a given load is predictable and the minimum life cycle can be determined Read more...

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SPIROL Disc Springs provide high levels of load / force within a very small space unlike other springs which require a significantly larger footprint to achieve the same load. The two major updates to the newly expanded product line are larger sizes per DIN 2093 Group 2 (now available up to 200mm in diameter), as well as a full range of stainless steel Discs. Read more...

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Daemar Inc.

Daemar Disc Springs are designed for use in many applications including Actuators, Ball Valves and Switchgears. The standard DIN2093 line features 246 sizes with outside diameters ranging from 6mm to 250 mm. To aid with assembly disc springs can be delivered pre-assembled in stacks or on guiding devices. For bolt pre-load applications a line of DIN6796 Heavy Duty Belleville washers is av... Read more...

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Smalley manufactures custom springs to meet specific application requirements. Smalley's manufacturing process allows for special designs to be produced with No-Tooling-Charges™. Specials are available from .200" to 120" diameters; carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic alloys are readily available for production. Read more...

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