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Systems that use belts and chain drives, gears and gear drives, couplings, clutches and brakes, and other components.
SKF/North America

SKF has launched a range of disc couplings that offer cost-effective, lubrication-free service in medium to high torque applications that require torsional rigidity. The SKF Disc Coupling has a capacity range up to 178 kNm in a variety of configurations—including single disc, double disc and spacer for both horizontal and vertical mounting. Read more...

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Oriental Motor is pleased to introduce our new 1.8° and 0.9° PKP Series 2-Phase stepper motor, the leading stepper motor in the market, now preassembled with new Oriental Motor Original Encoders. Read more...

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Fredericks Company - Televac

The 0703-1602-99 TrueTILT™ mid-range electrolytic tilt sensor has a robust, all-metal construction providing durability while maintaining superior tolerances and sensor-to-sensor performance. It is an economical tilt sensor ideal for a versatile range of applications in many markets. Read more...

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Master Magnetics, Inc.

You don't have to be big and bulky to handle heavy loads. Our heavy duty lifting magnets utilize neodymium, the strongest magnetic material in the world. With four different models to fit your specific application, their efficient compact strength will amaze you. Read more...

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Celeroton AG

Optimized turbo compressor: New CT-14-1000 from Celeroton AG.

This new machine combines the advantages of axial (high volume flow) and radial (high pressure ratio) turbo machines. Reaches volume and weight reduction by at least factor 10. Read more...

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Marking Systems, Inc.

The Zund Digital "Blade" cutter is a new technology that uses a blade to cut the labels instead of a laser. This eliminates the edge charring that traditional lasers cause. This is especially noticeable on lighter colored backgrounds. Marking Systems, Inc. also has Read more...

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Celeroton AG

Permanentmagnet-Maschine für den Direktantrieb von Anwendungen mit höchsten Drehzahlen.

Permanent-magnet machine for direct drive of applications with highest speed demands. Read more...

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jbj Techniques Limited

Transmission protection from mechanical overload by using the range of Torque Limiting Couplings; Sliding Hubs and Safety Clutches available from jbj Techniques Limited.

» Torque limiting up to 23,000 Nm.
» Coupling prevents high shock loads.
» Standard brass bushes for extended durability.
» Torque adjustment possible even in assem...

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Portescap Disc Magnet mini motors provide exceptional dynamic performance unparalleled by any other small diameter stepper in the market. The unique thin disc magnet enables finer step resolutions in a given envelope, significantly higher acceleration and greater top speed than conventional steppers. Read more...

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Portescap's extensive line of Digital Linear Actuators are ideal for Medical and Clinical Diagnostics applications based on the fast, powerful and precise positioning they provide. Read more...

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