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Edrive Actuators, Inc.

When you invest in E-Drive actuators, you are investing in high quality industrial automation equipment. E-Drive actuators are designed and built utilizing robust sizing of all components resulting in a heavy-duty precision actuator. As an added benefit customers may choose to have E-Drive rebuild their actuator at the end of its service life. Read more...

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The DRLII Series is now available with a new Built-in controller (stored data) driver or Pulse input driver, both in an enclosed box. Read more...

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Portescap's extensive line of Digital Linear Actuators are ideal for Medical and Clinical Diagnostics applications based on the fast, powerful and precise positioning they provide. Read more...

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Edrive Actuators, Inc.

E-Drive ELIMINATOR HDL™ actuators replace hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators. They include an internal Load Cell and combines force measurement with heavy duty and precise linear motion. It delivers simple, rugged and economical motion while directly and continuously monitoring the axial forces it delivers. Read more...

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ITT Compact Automation

Under the Compact Automation Products brand, ITT is a market-leading manufacturer of space-efficient linear actuator solutions including: industry standard and custom pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and accessories.

With Compact's 16 patents, ITT has manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs.

As part of ITT's vast family of engineering solution companies... Read more...

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Island Components Group

Island Components - Designed and manufactured for a military ground application, this actuator is also suitable for commercial/industrial applications. Actuator weighs about 2lbs., with a linear stroke of 3". Read more...

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Myostat Motion Control, Inc.

The CSR line of integrated actuators provides a complete compact solution from control to guided lead screw rod actuator. Available in NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 comparable sizes, the CSR is available with a wide range of screw leads, with strokes up to 4 inches. Read more...

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Universal Thread Grinding Company

Enclosed, oil filled lead screw cartridges provide simple installation, extreme accuracy, and long life in a wide range of lead screw applications. Read more...

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Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Let Joyce customize their electric cylinders to lift and precisely position your load (up to 20-tons). Include the motor of your choice and special features and finishes to meet your specific requirements. Achieve travel speeds up to 546 inches per minute, and raise loads up to 100 inches. These industrial-duty actuators are designed for low maintenance and require only electric power. Read more...

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SKF/North America

SKF CALA 36 is a compact 12 or 24V DC actuator, intended for industrial use. The motor and drive spindle are connected in-line through a planetary gear assembly. This makes the compact design suitable in applications where space is restricted. Read more...

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