Thor Power Corporation

When it comes to HVAC (Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning), comfort and efficiency are key. With the TREZIUM® variable-speed electric motor System, your customers need not sacrifice comfort for energy savings and you can take the lead in creating tomorrow’s ultra-efficient, cost-saving, highly reliable and supremely durable electric motor-powered HVAC equipment.

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Genteq’s Evergreen EM is designed to replace OEM ECM X13 motors quickly and easily. Evergreen EM is preprogrammed at the factory to provide the same comfort, lower utility bills and air quality as the OEM X13 ECM motor, with less hassle for you. When you check out the truth about X13 replacement motors, it's easy to see which motor comes out ahead - Evergreen EM. Read more...

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Evergreen IM is high-efficiency ECM replacement motor that is designed to replace factory PSC blower motors in HVAC systems. That means you can now offer your customers the comfort and efficiency of ECM in an easy-to-install replacement motor.

Built from the same trusted, field-proven ECM technology that is found in millions of OEM systems nationwide, Evergreen uses up to 25% fewe... Read more...

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The sixth generation of premium ECM motors, 3.0 features built-in BlaKBox Technology and the AirKom™ operating system, which lets equipment manufacturers create forced-air systems that are more advanced, more reliable, and easier to service. Systems that utilize the ThinkTank 3.0 have fewer set-up steps because the motor enables true plug & play self-recognition softw... Read more...

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European Automation

ABB Motors and Encoders from European Automation

ABB's range of AC and DC motors includes IE3 premium efficiency units, motors for hazardous areas and the Baldor range of explosion-proof motors. Read more...

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The new Eon™ motor is a drop-in upgrade for the original ECM 2.3 motor. The motor is commonly used in applications in residential HVAC furnaces and air handlers, commercial variable air volume systems and fan filter units. Eon is a lighter, more compact variable speed ECM that is backward compatible with the existing ECM 2.3 motor and fits easily into existing systems. Eon allows y... Read more...

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Genteq’s ECM 142R is the next generation of high-efficiency, fractional-horsepower outdoor motors. 142R is ideally suited for outdoor applications such as split system outdoor units, package units or any other prop fan air-moving. This ECM uses 20% less power when compared to an induction motor.


•Speed ramping for decreased fan noise

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Baldor Electric Company

Baldor Electric Company now offers customers in North America a complete line of ABB low voltage IEC electric motors. The complete product portfolio includes motors for safe area operation and motors that meet requirements for hazardous area operation.

With stock available in the United States, process performance (safe area) and hazardous area motors are ready for immediate deliv... Read more...

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Bodine Electric Company

Available from stock with gear ratios from 200:1 up to 3600:1, the type "3RD" gearmotors are designed for applications that require very slow rotation and high torque. Typical applications include conveyor systems, food processing equipment, medical equipment and factory automation. Read more...

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ARC Systems, Inc.

Along with our unique manufacturing processes, our internal capabilities provide low cost solutions for our customers. Build to print or custom, windings are our specialty. High Temperature (Class H) insulation available. ARC Systems, Inc. offers stator and rotor components as kits to become an integral part of your assembly, saving space and reducing weight. Read more...

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