MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd.

The MSA-2907-D (formerly MSA-2411) Servo Actuator is a high quality, reliable product, optimized for UAV requirements such as : temperature range from -40ºC to + 71ºC, EMI RFI shielding and high reliability. The MSA-2907-D is a servo actuator with brushless DC motor, high efficiency gearbox and electronic control system and has operating voltage of 18-32 V. It is characterized... Read more...

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European Automation

EU Automation: Omron New and Refurbished Products

OMRON, an innovation driven company, it holds multiple awards, including an IEEE innovation trophy for an electronic ticket gate, produced in 2007. Read more...

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MICROMO is pleased to announce the latest addition to the FAULHABER CR DC Motor series. Its graphite commutation, powerful neodymium magnet and particularly high copper content in the FAULHABER rotor winding provide the compact 3890 CR with an enormous amount of power Read more...

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A First in Space History – Rosetta Space Probe Lands on Comet after Ten Years of Travel Read more...

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With motors and motion systems, you need to know that they will work consistently throughout the life-cycle of your product, regardless of how long that may be. ElectroCraft products use high quality materials and engineering to ensure your stock, configured, or custom motor or motion product works as expected each and every time. While you don't always need a motor to last 100 years ...... Read more...

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Portescap's electric motor technology solutions cover a broad range of applications in instrumentation. Mobile devices will benefit from the low power draw of our brush DC coreless motors and brushless DC motors. High torque requirements are well suited for our brushless slotted motors. Precision dispensing can be achieved with our stepper motors or brush DC geared motors, or our stepper... Read more...

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maxon precision motors, inc.

Now even stronger, more efficient and with yet more combination options: There are new additions to the maxon family of X drive products. Several long versions of brushed DC motors, with higher torques and more power, are being added to the product range, together with matching planetary gearheads. Each of the 3-stage versions can now be combined with the next smaller motor. Read more...

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Island Components Group

Island Components Group manufactures custom DC motors to match your specifications. We can modify our standard line to meet specific requirements and we can produce from 7/16" diameter to as high as 20" diameter. We can adapt our motors to match your electronic interface, or we can supply electronic controllers integrated with the motor or as separate modules. Read more...

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MOTIONEERING® is a Windows®-based, software that:

Lets the engineer choose an application

Define a motion profile

Select the optimum servomotor, amplifier and power supply

Its database of motor types includes DC servo, brushless servo, direct drive linear, direct drive rotary and vector AC Read more...

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