Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

Johnson and Allen supply standard deflection type Magnetometers (Field indicators) which can be used to confirm if a test part has been demagnetised to the standard needed. We supply three types with different ranges: Full range +/- 20 Gauss. Full range +/- 10 Gauss. Full range +/- 2 Gauss. (Variant - May take longer to be dispatched as a Read more...

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MicroSense, LLC

The MicroSense Model 10 Mark II vibrating sample magnetometer achieves sensitivity that surpasses all other vector VSMs. The field range and resolution of the Model 10 make it the ideal system for measuring both high and low coercivity materials. The Model 10 is the first VSM that is a real alternative to a torque magnetometer for anisotropy studies on modern recording materials. Read more...

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