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Applying, maintaining, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing alternating and direct current motors.

Portescap's Brushless DC slotted motors are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of sterile and other demanding environments, from surgical tools to aerospace and defense applications. Read more...

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AthlonixHigh Power Density Brush DC Micro Motors
More Endurance. High Power Density. Price-to-performance optimized.

No two applications are identical. So why should your motion solution be? Athlonix offers 3 families of high power density Brush DC micro motors without having to compromise on price-to performance. Read more...

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The Ultra ECTM platform offers 3 families of motors to help you address a wide range of requirements, whether it be traditional BLDC features, very high torque or very high speed. The patented U coil provides outstanding performance, including minimal iron losses, better efficiency and cooler operation. Read more...

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The OTS™ (Over-The-Shaft) rotary union is custom-designed for machinery that requires cooling on the drive side of driven rolls and for rolls that cannot accept an axially-mounted rotary union. This rotary union is available with a tungsten-carbide mechanical seal or DuraSeal™ technology. Read more...

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United Equipment Accessories, Inc.

Virtually all heavy equipment in construction, mining, agriculture, and similar off-highway applications rely heavily on hydraulics. And a good number of these machines use rotating members that require transmitting hydraulic fluid from a fixed location to components on a rotating assembly. A simpler and more economical solution is offered by United Equipment Accessories (UEA). Read more...

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Our patented metal Super C-Seal ring is designed as an alternative to spring loaded C-Seals for applications requiring higher spring back and a tighter seal than regular C-Seals. In fact, the uncoated Super C-Seal or spring loaded C-Seal can directly replace an existing C-Seal with no modifications to the cavity. Read more...

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WAGO’s compact, performance class PLC the PFC200 750-82xx is now ANSI/ISA12.12.01 certified for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. Read more...

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SPB-USA, LLC is the sole factory-direct sales and marketing company headquarters in the US for Sapporo Precision, Inc., the Japanese based manufacturer of EZO and SPB Precision Ball Bearings. Visit us at Booth 2885 at Medical Design & Manufacturing® West from February 9-11, 2016 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA! Read more...

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Century Spring Corp.

The most extensive inventory with over 30,000 types and designs. From Aerospace to Prosthetics and Electronics to Ship Building Century Spring offers product & service excellence. We guarantee shipment of your stock spring order within 8 hours of placement. Order online or request a 400 page print catalog Read more...

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Fujipoly America Corp.

Die-cut thermal interface gaskets from Fujipoly are a cost-effective and easy way to transfer heat from electronic components to the surrounding environment. When placed between a heat source and a heatsink, the gaskets conform to all uneven surfaces and fill any air gaps. Read more...

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