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Materials used in the creation, detection, or manipulation of light, and their use in solving industry problems.
Alluxa, Inc.

High volume products, new materials, multiple types of tunable filters, and custom arbitrary spectral shapes are all possible with Alluxa. Read more...

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IRD Glass




IRD Glass manufactures of a wide variety of flat optics, including windows, reticles, filters, mirrors, optical wedges, and patterned coatings. These flat optics are used in any number of industries, including the medical field, aerospace, defense, machine vision and h... Read more...

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Knight Optical (UK) Ltd.

Knight Optical supply high quality optical components for use in fluorometers, fluorescence spectrometers, microplate readers and x-ray fluorescence applications. These applications are extensively used in the medical and biomedical sectors, but are also to be found in the fields of Research and Development, microanalysis and thermal imaging. Read more...

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LaCroix Optical Co.

Our customers design lenses to meet their system requirements. Our expertise is determining the most efficient way to manufacture them. Read more...

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