Xenon Corporation

XENON, a global manufacturer of high performance equipment and high intensity flashlamps for over 50 years, and Intrinsiq Materials, a premier manufacturer of nanoparticle based electronic inks, are pleased to host an innovative and ground breaking workshop on June 16 at XENON's headquarters in Wilmington, MA Read more...

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Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

FiberLight Miniature UV-Vis Light Source Compact dimensions and ease of operation open up new possibilities for instrument designers.

FiberLight is a compact UV-Vis light source designed for mobile spectroscopy applications and all types of handheld devices that require a low power consumption UV-Vis light source. FiberLight has a continuous spectrum covering the whole range from... Read more...

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Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

Johnson and Allen's most powerful UV light, the 400 Watt UV flood produces unparallelled intensities and illumination areas for large scale UV inspection. The lamp is typically mounted on a suitable wall, ceiling or sturdy surface near either a 230V or 110V mains supply.

Features include:

  • Dual voltage supply, either 230V or 110V
  • Illumination pro...

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Heraeus Noblelight America LLC

UV-Vis spectroscopy is a method in which the absorption, mainly by organic molecules, of visible (380 - 790 nm) and UV (100 - 390 nm) light is measured. In the UV-Vis range bonding electrons of molecules can be excited to cause transitions between different electronic energy levels. The transition process absorbs light at specific wavelengths and together with rotational and vibrational... Read more...

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