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Materials used in the creation, detection, or manipulation of light, and their use in solving industry problems.
Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies provides a wide spectral range of color coatings and glass (color correction filters) from ultraviolet to infrared. The color filter glass can be provided in polished and unpolished versions and can be thermally strengthened as well. Additionally, the filter glass can have a range of thin film coatings applied such as AR or UV. Read more...

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Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Knight Optical supply both custom and stock dichroic color filters to your specification

Our dichroic filters have a hard dielectric coating and are designed to offer high transmission over a specific wavelength while reflecting all other wavelengths.

Dichroic filters offer superior contrast between transmitted and reflected wavelengths. Having negligible absorption. Read more...

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Abrisa Technologies

Abrisa Technologies carries a large inventory of cost-effective solid colored glass for aesthetic use in the lighting and entertainment, architectural, and landscaping applications. The soda lime glass can be heat strengthened “tempered” for additional thermal shock resistance. The solid color glass can an be fabricated to any shape, drilled, sandblasted and screen printed. Read more...

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Andover Corporation

Andover Corporation's Dichroic filters (color separation filters) are used in a variety of applications where it is necessary to isolate certain regions of the visible spectrum. A few of the more common applications are for use in color enlargers and photocopiers as light balancing filters. Read more...

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