IRD Glass

IRD Glass manufactures cylindrical lenses in a multitude of shapes and sizes: rod lenses, plano-convex lenses, plano-concave lenses, bi-convex lenses and others, in radii less than 4mm to those greater than 125mm. Custom centering equipment is employed to locate the center of curvature, and custom ripple checking equipment is used to ensure the form and flatness of any given cu... Read more...

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Ross Optical Industries

A lens having at least one surface that is a portion of a cylinder. Cylindrial lenses focus light along one axis only, thus forming a line image from a parallel incident beam. Typically used in the slit illumination of apertures, or converging the light for a line scan detector as well as stretching a point of light into a line as in a laser level. Ross Optical Industries M... Read more...

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