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Materials used in the creation, detection, or manipulation of light, and their use in solving industry problems.
Knight Optical (USA) LLC

Knight Optical provide components for a wide range of borescope applications, including the medical, engineering and automotive sectors. We offer a wide range of custom coatings and designs to suit your needs. Our prisms and rod lenses go into scopes all over the world; they are manufactured to our customer designs. Read more...

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IRD Glass

IRD Glass manufactures all types of prisms, precision certified optical wedges, lighting wedges, mirrors, flats, windows and chrome on glass reticles for many custom applications. Read more...

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IRD Glass

Virtually any type of prism that can be conjured, IRD Glass has the capability and experience to manufacture. From a basic right-angle prism, to rhomboid prisms, wedge prisms, penta prisms, dove prisms, roof prisms and many other challenging variations and assemblies, there is one common theme: all are finished to exacting specifications. Read more...

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LaCroix Optical Co.

Over 30% of the optics we manufacture are used in the defense industry. Threat detection, laser target designators and sighting systems are just a few of the applications that use our optics. Read more...

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