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Metal working processes that are generally carried out with machine tools or multi-tool machining centers.
Grindal Company

Grindal Company - Flat Lapping: From .250 to 24 inch diameter by 3.750 inches thick depending on application. This process produces accurate flatness to one light band 11 millionths (.000011) and controlled finishes on various materials including plastic, ceramics, carbide, stainless steel, inconel, brass, bronze, aluminum and heat treated steels. Read more...

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Metal Cutting Corporation

When you require highly polished part ends, extremely tight length tolerances and extraordinary flatness unavailable by any other production method, we employ our large and unique in-house lapping machines. We can process both tubes and solids using our experienced lapping, fine grinding and flat honing capability which allows us to meet your precision tolerance and surface finish requir... Read more...

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Lapmaster-Wolters International

Diamond Slurry formulations for Lapping and Polishing applications by Lapmaster. Available in water-soluble, oil-soluble and emulsified liquid carriers. Read more...

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