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Metal working processes that are generally carried out with machine tools or multi-tool machining centers.
Interplex Industries, Inc.

Faster Processing for High-volume Productivity

Lower Material Costs by Eliminating Waste
Superior Strength and Integrity of Formed Parts

Enhanced Appearance and Surface Finishing

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Isotech, Inc.

Lower Total Acquisition Cost

The Isotech precision casting process uses graphite molds to produce net and near net shape parts in ZA-12 zinc/aluminum alloy. It is an economical alternative to sand, die, and investment casting; machining; and, in some cases, plastic injection molding for production quantities of 300 to 20,000 parts per year.

Rapid Turnaround an...

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Interplex Industries, Inc.

Interplex Quantum's IK500 is a high-strength, high-fluidity aluminum alloy targeted for use in die casted hand-held housing applications. IK500 has a tensile strength of 520 MPa, sixty-eight percent higher than ADC12, the world's most common aluminum alloy. It also possesses a low melting point and can be recycled, thus it is an environmentally friendly alloy. Read more...

More Product Announcements from Interplex Industries, Inc.