Engineered Plastic Products, Inc.

Pressure thermoforming can achieve the high quality, detailed look of injection molding with much less expensive tools. By using air pressures up to 100 PSI in addition to vacuum, textures, undercuts and other intricate details can be produced. Read more...

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Proto Labs, Inc.

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Proto Labs, Inc.

Ten years ago, we began publishing Protomold Design Tips to help product developers create better injection-molded plastic parts. As a resource, we’ve gathered some of our most useful manufacturing advice from the past decade in a collection of essential tips. Read more...

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Custom-Pak, Inc.

Blow-molded parts can be made with plastics that provide either insulation or conductive properties. PE is the most widely used plastic in gas lines and cable insulation. Blow-molded PE parts provide strength and insulating properties while enabling shapes that make electrical systems work better. Blow-molded parts also keep water treatment facilities running smoothly. Plus, they protect... Read more...

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Osborne Industries, Inc.

OEM manufacturers frequently substitute plastic parts for metal parts where weight and chemical corrosion resistance are important. Plastic components are not typically thought of as viable alternatives for metal in rough, abrasive environments. The engineers and chemists at Osborne Industries have over 35 years experience with reinforced thermoset resins for challenging applications Read more...

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Custom-Pak, Inc.

New blow-molding technology provides close-tolerance repeatability never before possible. This allows designers to create molded component parts that seamlessly integrate with electro-mechanical systems and combine critical functions into a single piece. You get a functionally superior appliance that costs less to produce.

New surface finish techniques provide attractive, durable...

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Interplex Industries, Inc.

Interplex's insert molding capabilities include reel-to-reel, rotary and shuttle insert molding. These molding capabilities produce a diverse portfolio of products including, semi-conductor packages, automotive sensors, medical components, electrical connectors, hybrid invertors, power driver assemblies and many other type of molded sub assemblies. Read more...

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Elasto Proxy Inc.

Elasto Proxy offers film splicing, cold bonding and C-Press injection molding services for the custom fabrication of high-quality industrial rubber products. Choosing the most cost-effective method depends upon run quantity, performance requirements, material type, and tooling costs. To learn which molding service is right for you, ask our technical services team to help analyze your req... Read more...

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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

Plastics Injection Molding

Burger & Brown Engineering is eager to help with your injection molding projects. Our engineering staff will personally oversee the details of your part production. Your mold tryout, short run and larger production runs are our top priority. Read more...

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