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Ultra-Low Noise JFETs are ideal for a variety of high performance applications including microanalysis, Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF), and X-ray Diffraction (EDXRD). Moxtek® manufactures both 3 pin and 4 pin N-channel JFETs. Moxtek ultra-low noise JFETs have a low leakage current, high transconductance (gm) and low input capacitance... Read more...

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American Microsemiconductor, Inc.

Need a Junction Field Effect Transistor? The JFET is a voltage controlled device: that is, a small change in input voltage causes a large change in output current. FET operation involves an electric field which controls the flow of a charge (current) through through the JFET channel. In contrast, a bipolar transistor employs a small input current to control a large output c... Read more...

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