The TriQuint TGF2819-FL is a greater than 100 W Peak (20 W Avg.) (P3dB) discrete GaN on SiC HEMT which operates from DC to 3.5 GHz. The device is constructed with TriQuint's proven TQGaN25HV process, which features advanced field plate techniques to optimize power and efficiency at high drain bias operating conditions. Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Infineon's RF Transistors provide the designer the best possible performance, superior flexibility and price/performance ratio. These are widely used for new emerging wireless applications, where the system specification is not yet firmly established. The BFxx Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) include devices suitable for use from AM over VHF/UHF up to 14GHz. These are the latest LNA innovatio... Read more...

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American Microsemiconductor, Inc.

American Microsemiconductor Inc. (AMS) announces ready delivery of the MRF5176 power microwave transistor. This NPN Silicon transistor is designed for wideband large-signal driver and predriver amplifier stages. It features 15 Watts output and a 200-600 MHZ frequency range. The output Power is 15 Watts at 28 Volts, Vcc. Minimum Gain is 10 dB also at 28 Volts with an efficiency of 50%.

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