NMB Technologies Corporation

NMB’s new Ultra Thin Lens technology empowers the OEM to create a slim, compact lighting fixture while eliminating irregular irradiation and ensuring uniform color. Read more...

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Texas Instruments

The LM3643 is a dual LED flash driver that provides a high level of adjustability within a small solution size. The LM3643 utilizes a 2-MHz or 4-MHz fixed-frequency synchronous boost converter to provide power to the dual 1.5-A constant current LED sources. The total LED current the LM3643 boost can deliver is 1.5 A (ILED1 + ILED2 ). Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Infineon's Automotive LED Drivers are optimized for the control of low to medium power LEDs in automotive applications. The whole family of linear constant current sources offers footprint compatibility ranging from 1 to 3 output channels with typ. 60-180mA and enables stable and reliable LED brightness by precise current control. The integration of features also increases the system rel... Read more...

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Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild's New LED Driver Delivers Best-in-Class Solid State Lighting Performance

Excellent THD performance and tight output tolerance makes meeting global LED standards and regulations easy

Fairchild, a leading global supplier of high- performance power semiconductor solutions for making the world a cleaner and smarter place, today announced the FL7733A Sing... Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the SSL5015TE LED Driver Integrated Circuit (IC) from NXP Semiconductors. Engineered to drive LED lamps for general mains non-dimmable light applications, this high-voltage, integrated controller and MOSFET provides enhanced power functionality with up to 93 percent efficiency. On-chip protection circuits improves reliability in high-power applica... Read more...

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The SKY81452 is a highly integrated, high efficiency LED backlight solution for tablets, notebook computers, monitors, and other portable devices.
An integrated boost converter provides a high voltage output for driving up to 28 V. Six precision current sinks are programmable up to 60 mA per string. The integrated boost regulator switching frequency is adjustable from 600 kHz to 2... Read more...

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Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MAX77342 provides a highly efficient solution for cell phone camera flash applications by integrating a 1.6A PWM DC-DC step-up converter and three programmable high-side, low-dropout LED current regulators. An I2C interface provides flexible control of the step-up converter, indicator, assist, torch, and flash mode selection, and flash safety timer duration setti... Read more...

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XP Power

XP Power extends range of low power AC input LED drivers

XP Power today announced additions to the DLE series of AC input LED drivers. Adding to the extensive range of 15 – 60 Watt LED drivers, the DLE25 & 35 series of AC input LED drivers incorporate universal input with active power factor correction in a two power stage design, eliminating flicker while providing a hi... Read more...

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