Texas Instruments

The LM5170-Q1 controller provides the essential high voltage and precision elements of a dual-channel bidirectional converter for automotive 48-V and 12-V dual battery systems. It regulates the average current flowing between the high voltage and low voltage ports in the direction designated by the DIR input signal. The current regulation level is programmed through analog or digital PWM... Read more...

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ROHM Semiconductor USA, LLC

ROHM's Compact, High-Efficiency, High Power Synchronous Boost DC/DC Converter IC

Contributes to improved performance and longer battery life in portables such as smartphones and tablets Read more...

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The SKY87608 is a step-down DC-DC converter that operates with a wide 4.5 V to 28 V input voltage range and regulates the output voltage as low as 0.9 V while supplying up to 3 A to the output. The 450 kHz switching frequency allows for an efficient step-down regulator design.
The SKY87608 uses an adjustable output voltage that can be set from 12% to 80% of the input voltage by an... Read more...

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