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Sensoronix, Inc.

PART NUMBER EP 102XX by Sensoronix

Non-contact magnetic sensors that measure the distortion of magnetic field created by a ferrous target. Quadrature sensors provide two 90º out of phase digital outputs to record speed and direction. Read more...

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MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.

MDT's new of TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) magnetic pattern recognition sensor series is a magnetic signal reader head for use in detecting and recognizing the magnetic properties of paper bills, bank notes, and securities documents. Read more...

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MicroSense, LLC

KerrMapper S300 and V300The KerrMapper family of tools utilizes the longitudinal Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of magnetic multi-layer wafers for data storage, MRAM, and other magnetic sensors. Read more...

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