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Weschler Instruments

The Acuvim-L is economical choice for monitoring and control of power distribution systems. The L series offers multi-function TRMS measurements, 4 quadrant energy, power quality analysis, demand and over/under limit alarms. These meters fit both 92x92 DIN and 4" ANSI round panel cutouts. The wide operating temperature range Read more...

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ValueTronics International, Inc.

Keysight Agilent HP E4418B Features:

  • Fast measurement speed (up to 200 readings per second, over the GPIB, with E-series sensors)
  • Speed improvement of x2 using the 8480 series power sensor (compared to the 437B)
  • No range-switching delays with 8480 series sensors, and only one fast-range switch point with E-series sensors
  • RS 232/422 se...

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Weschler Instruments

The Weschler BG Series Circular BarGraphs include the BG241, BG251, BG261 and BG281. The panel footprint, shape and mounting meets direct retrofit applications for 4 1/2" and 8 1/2" switchboard meters, as well as 6" and 8" pressure gauge meters. The electronics housing is identical for both sizes. Read more...

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Weschler Instruments

Weschler Instruments -To display power, a meter measures various voltages and currents in a circuit. For two-wire, single phase AC, voltage is measured line-line (or line-neutral), either directly or using a potential transformer. Line current is measured directly or through a current transformer, as shown in the diagram. Read more...

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Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Cost Saving Through Energy Monitoring.

Wiring check, large memory, remote and real time measurements make the KEW 6305 from Duncan Instruments one of most comprehensive portable power meters. Read more...

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CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. is proud to present its newest addition to their extensive Energy Management product lineup, the WM30-96, Smart Modular Power Analyzer. This innovative, three-phase power analyzer offers an upgraded LCD display, capable of showing four electrical variables, an energy counter and a power demand indicator at the same time. Read more...

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