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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

SMARTFLOW® Mechanical Flow Regulators

use an integral needle valve with flow rate scale for fine manual flow rate control. Specially designed for use in injection mold cooling water circuits. Integral temperature gauge is optional. Read more...

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Spire Metering Technology

Specially designed for domestic water metering applications where conventional water meters fail due to harsh environment, solids in water, high maintenance, magnetic vandalization or incapable of leakage detection. Read more...

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Sitron's line of Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches are compact switches with no moving parts, that control the flow of liquid and gas in pipes and ducts. They can also be used for single point level detection for liquids. Sitron's flow switches and transmitters are available in different models that provide for different power supply, output and connection requirements. Read more...

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Spire Metering Technology

The SpireMag series MAG888-DC flowmeter is a battery-powered high-performance magnetic water meter designed for water and wastewater industry to accurately measure the water flow in closed conduits. MAG888-DC is ideal for remote locations in municipal, irrigation, wastewater treatment and industrial liquid processes industries where no power connection is available. Read more...

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Micronics, Ltd.

Pipe Sizes - DN15 to DN200
Nominal Flow Range Qn - 1.5m³/h to 1500m³/h dependent on size
Maximum Flow Range - 3m³/h to 3000m³/h dependent on size
Minimum Flow Range - 30l/h to 45m³/h dependent upon size
Nominal Pressure - PN16
Temperature Range - 30°C - Cold, 90°C - hot Read more...

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Sensirion AG

Sensirion's disposable liquid flow sensor solutions for medical devices, will change the field of drug delivery from the ground up and enable solutions to be provided which are safer, more reliable and more mobile for care in the hospital and at home. The liquid flow sensor provides liquid flow measurement capability from inside medical tubing. Read more...

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Brooks Instrument

A Brooks vaporizer system provides 100% vaporization and repeatable, uniform, particle-free films. It can mix up to three fluid streams and is the only system robust enough to handle low vapor pressure and thermally sensitive fluids. Read more...

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Flow Technology, Inc.

The Omniflo® turbine flowmeters utilize a low frictional drag bearing in a tangential design allowing the measurement of very low flow rates in either liquid or gas. These high resolution, low flow sensing instruments are capable of measuring flow rates as low as 0.001 GPM in liquids and 0.0015 ACFM in gases. Read more...

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