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The SOP400 Opto Eletronic Level Switches are used for level detection in liquids, independent of physical characteristics such as density, dielectric constant or the conductivity of the medium. The SOP400 provides an accurate, repeatable point level switch which can be mounted in any position, especially where space is limited. This unit is often the ideal solution for point level detect... Read more...

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Madison Company

The sealed bladder protects the sensor from moisture that can affect a pressure sensors performance and accuracy over time. For years of trouble free protection, Madison Co. offers the PH-EMS environmentally sealed bladder but also offers the PH-FIL desiccant filter which changes color from light blue to pink if moisture passes into the vent tube over time. Read more...

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Madison Company

Utilized in HVAC, automotive and off-road vehicles, and depth measurement in a variety of liquids, waste water and viscous media, there is a Madison Company float switch or pressure sensor to satisfy most every application. Read more...

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Madison Company

The Madison PC4203-010 clog free submersible pressure level sensor is specifically designed for hydrostatic pressure level measurements of wastewaters or liquids which will clog most other sensors and is ideal for sensing level 0 to 23 foot of liquid level change Read more...

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First Sensor AG

Custom submersible level sensors from First Sensor include special pressure ranges, calibrations and output signals as well as specific materials for the housing, sensing element, O-ring seals and sensor cable. Sensor modifications from First Sensor allow OEM device manufacturers to shorten their development time and achieve competitive advantages through fast innovations to the market. Read more...

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elobau sensor technology, Inc.

This ultrasonic fuel level sensor with a 4-hole flange is frequently used to monitor diesel fuel in agricultural and construction machinery. The 2UF is easily installed thanks to the compact design and 3-pole Superseal plug. The ultrasonic 2UF level sensor is also ideal for monitoring fuel levels in stationary vehicles. Read more...

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Senix Corporation

Need a level sensor for corrosive chemicals? The ToughSonic CHEM 10 is a chemically resistant ultrasonic sensor with a maximum range of 10 feet (3 meters). It is designed for applications where corrosive liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent choice for benign environments as well. Read more...

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Exsenco, LLC

GY Series are high quality, highly accurate and, non-contact displacement/level transducers made in Japan by SANTEST and employ magnetostrictive phenomena called the Wiedemann effect. Read more...

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Gems Sensors & Controls

The Gems XM/XT Series is a family of cost-effective, single float transmitters, expressly designed to provide high-accuracy continuous fluid level monitoring within smaller, more compact tank environments. Read more...

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Moog Components Group

Moog Components Groups' LifeGuard ultrasonic air bubble detectors feature proprietary swept frequency technology, making these sensors more reliable and accurate than those utilizing fixed frequency or pulse-type circuitry. Read more...

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