Comus International

Comus is proud to introduce our new PD6021 metal sensing proximity switch part of the newly added Smart Sensor line. Read more...

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Danaher Sensors & Controls - Specialty Products

These sensors are specifically designed for extreme duty use in harsh applications such as automotive fabrication and assembly plants. The tubular series is popular as part present and machine location sensors for demanding applications such as resistance welding of body assemblies. Namco’s proprietary Hardcoat housings will not allow the hot weld expulsion to adhere to the housing. Read more...

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EMX Industries, Inc.

Detect vehicles approaching your house or driveway.

The Carsense 101 motion detector has a sensing probe that is buried in the ground so it is not noticed by potential intruders or vandals. Read more...

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Migatron Corporation

The RPS-150 family of self-contained, wide beam angle, ultrasonic sensors can be used as proximity sensors or level sensors. The advantage of this sensor is that the target does not have to be at right angles with the sensor in order to be detected. A flat target can tilt up to 35 degrees and still be detected. For set-up purposes an LED indicator is provided. Read more...

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Powell Electronics, Inc.

Honeywell Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors

The new RTY Series Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors provide angle monitoring in harsh transportation and industrial applications at a competitive cost. These new devices provide a cost effective rotary position sensor solution with a variety of options (e.g., sensing range, pinout, voltage) that allow customers to cho... Read more...

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MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.

MDT announced the MMS201H TMR (tunneling magnetoresistance) ominpolar magnetic switch sensor, designed for smart flow meters, including water flow meters, heat flow meters, and gas flow meters... Read more...

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Standex-Meder Electronics

  • Security switch
  • Alarm systems
  • Position detection
  • Mining
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cargo container doors
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Hinged bracket contact
  • Hydraulic end position detection

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Schmersal Inc.

The CSS30S is a non-contact, electronic safety sensor designed to monitor the closed position of hinged, sliding or removable safety guards with the aid of a coded actuator. Its stainless steel housing and IP69K rating makes it ideal for hygienic and extreme wash down applications. Read more...

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Magnetic Sensors Corporation

Magnetic Sensors Corporation can configure proximity sensors to you specification. We offer magnetic sensors for monitoring speed, motion and position. Clients choose us for our individualized customer service. We Can Meet Your Need. Read more...

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Fargo Controls, Inc.

Fargo Controls - Realizing the need for high quality, attractively priced proximity sensors for factory automation, Fargo Controls developed the Value Line. This line offers an appealing assortment of the most popular configurations of Inductive, Capacitive and Photoelectric sensors with exceptional pricing. Connector versions in the Value Line include the mating connector. Read more...

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