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Micro-Epsilon Group

The world's smallest VGA infrared camera, the thermoIMAGER TIM 640, extends the Micro-Epsilon range of industrial infrared cameras. The thermoIMAGER TIM 640 performs radiometric imaging and video recording at a resolution of 640x480 pixels, detecting even the smallest of thermal defects reliably. Read more...

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Altech Corp.

Multi-function LED signal tower 5 colors, Ø55mm with Buzzer and Flasher. Single Unit - 5 colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. One unit can light up in 5 different colors. Read more...

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NMB Technologies Corporation

Minebea goes beyond your imagination of illumination and moves lighting to an exceptional experience.
The integration of our preeminent optical technology and circuit, motor, and wireless communication technologies captures a new world of smart lighting. Read more...

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Excelitas Technologies Corp.

SmartBlue™ digital linescan cameras incorporate the latest in photodiode array technology based on the industry standard Reticon® devices with state of the art electronics and a robust industrial camera housing. The SmartBlue™ digital cameras are designed for high line rate applications with low to moderate light conditions and where small size, and low cost are... Read more...

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World StarTechnologies

World Star Tech offers a complete line of blue laser diodes manufactured by Osram. PL TB450B is a high power blue laser diode with excellent beam quality and efficiency. Read more...

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

TIC-1000 Thermal Imaging Camera is a portable, rugged infrared camera designed for use in a variety of applications including preventative maintenance, construction, medical, and more. Using an uncooled focal plane infrared detector, the camera displays a thermal image as a multi-color image with user-selected color palette, sensitivity, and span. Read more...

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R. STAHL, Inc.

Sounds like another bright idea from R. STAHL. Weight, space, and certification a concern? These globally certified compact units pack a powerful punch. Read more...

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PHOTONIS Technologies SAS

PHOTONIS introduces Intens™, the only image intensifier tube to comply with the new 4G Technology standard encompassing:

  • Smaller halo, no greater than 0.7mm
  • Extended Bandwidth Range, from 350-1100nm
  • Minimum 57 lp/mm regardless of lighting conditions
  • SNR above 1800.

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Andover Corporation

Andover Corporation's filter wheels are used for a host of applications, including color CCD photography, fluorescence microscopy, and photometry. Two 4" dia, wheels are available: one which accepts six 25mm filters, and one which accepts twelve 12.5mm filters. Read more...

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General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners’ new Mini Self-Leveling Camera automatically keeps the picture right side up as it glides though 2” to 4” lines. No more tilting your head to adjust for the twisting of the camera or explaining to a customer why the water is on the top of the screen. Read more...

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