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  • Moving vessel profiler (MVP) real time near vertical data profiles at 12 knots
    hydrostatic drive, with the computer controlling the The 300 meters of jacketed kevlar cable is wound on anelectrically actuated solenoid valves which control the aluminum drum equipped with a Lebus grooved shell... ...been designed to run on 115V/ 230V 60 Hz 1Ph. The winch control .
  • Detection of birdcaging in steel wire rope of a hoisting winch system by analysis of load torque and stator current
    A special test bed has been designed in order to show the influence of wire rope birdcaging on winch drum load torque and the stator current of the induction machine which drives the hoisting winch system. The electrical machine driving each winch is a 22kW, 47Hz, 230V /400V, 2-pole pairs, squirrel cage...
  • Influence of hanging load on induction machine torque and stator current in hoisting winch system
    This paper shows the effect of the hanging load on the output torque at the winch drum and of the stator current in the induction machine which drives the hoisting winch system. The stator current and the output torque are measured on a 22kW, 230V /400V, 47Hz, 2-pole...
  • A sampling directional current meter
    ...the survey launch and contained all the electrical components necessary for converting the 230v , 50ck input into... Damage to the instrument was accomplished with a hand-operated winch , the drum of which was divided into two compartments, one containing the 4 in. diameter galvanized suspension wire, the other the ten-core electric cable and the 2 in. bore heavy...
  • Load influence on torque and stator current for induction machines running a planetary gearbox
    and its third harmonic frequency and finally the drum speed drf This set- up consists in two winches driven by a squirrel-cage three- phase induction machine of... The winch A is driven by a 22kW, 47Hz, 230V /400V, 4 poles, squirrel-cage three-phase...
  • Physics for technical professions
    An electrical circuit in a budget ( U=230V ) is secured with an 16-A fuse. The cable drum of a building winch lifts a load at a stroke speed of 120 m/min on a height of 40 m.
  • Death determination
    ...cartridges are accommodated in a magazine in the handle, by revolvers they stick into a rotatable drum . ...technical point of view 3 voltage regions can be distinguished: ■ low voltage up (" weak current ") to 50 V alternating current ■ of low voltage up to 1000 V ■ of (e.g., budget current -230V ) high voltage, voltages more... Driving into water or liegend?■ weather condition (e.g., Temperatur,■ precipitations, wind direction)?
  • Energy application technique
    The containers in crucible, tub or drum form serve for receiving of liquid goods. Oil lamp (seitAltertum) kerosene lamp (1880) gas incandescent light (1890) Wolfram-Glühlampe(1910) incandescent lamp 230V,100W halogen lamp 12V,50W first fluorescent lamp (1936) compact fluorescent lamp 15 W standard lamp three-band lamp " De Luxe "-lamp Wind tunnel; air curtain installation; "air of Knife" .
  • Manual mechanical engineering
    Cable and are given to drum as masselos and frictionless. Induced drag At the end of Tragfliigeln, of Fliigelo of the wind turbines and in the rear... q -U=230V-60V=170V Rv = .
  • Buzzer 12v datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    Examples are: left and right tum Indicators, buzzer when reversing, wamlng lamp when winch In .. First line: CAL Controls 230v to 12v dc circuit diagrams Please read this document carefully before using... ...machine WASHING machine controller LDW 73 washing machine circuit washing machine circuit diagram DRUM WASHING MACHINE Application...