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  • Thread Chasers and Thread Restorers-Image
    Thread Chasers and Thread Restorers - (150 companies)
    Thread Chasers and Tread Restoring tools are used to re-form or re-cut threads Thread chasers and thread restorers are used to form or cut screw threads. Threading tools and attachments are used with the taps that are used to cut the female thread...
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  • Taps-Image
    Taps - (417 companies)
    Taps are used to form or cut female threads on the inside of holes. Description. Taps are used to cut female threads on the inside of holes, a process called tapping. Similar in appearance to a screw, taps have threads that are used to cut...
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  • Threaded Rod-Image
    Threaded Rod - (317 companies)
    Threaded rod is a fastening bar or rod threaded along its length. Threaded rod is a fastening bar or a rod threaded along its length. Thread direction is an important specification to consider. Choices include right hand, left hand, or both right...
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  • Threading Dies-Image
    Threading Dies - (265 companies)
    Threading dies are used to form or cut male threads on the outside of rod or bars. Threading dies are used to form or cut a male thread on the outside of rods or bars. Threading dies provide precision in cutting and extend the life of a die...
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  • Threaded Inserts-Image
    Threaded Inserts - (284 companies)
    Threaded inserts are blocks of material with a threaded hole that are pressed or molded into a part, usually made of a different material. The materials used for making threaded inserts are metals such as brass and copper, and plastics such as PVC...
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    Rod End Bearings - (256 companies)
    Rod end bearings contain a bearing that can accommodate a shaft or rod with varying misalignment. They attach to a static rod via a threaded shaft. Description. Rod end bearings are used on the ends of cylinders, linkages, rods, and shafts to take...
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    Grounding Bars and Rods - (86 companies)
    ...copper-bonded grounding bars and rods are sometimes made of high-strength, cold-drawn steel. They may be used with compression couplers. Sectional copper-bonded grounding bars and rods often use cold-rolled threads instead of cut threads to provide added...
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    Sucker Rods - (32 companies)
    ...reaching the rod pump. Each end of the sucker rod is threaded to allow a robust and simple connection between the rods. Rod guides, stabilizer bars, and tubing centralizers help center the rod string and keep the rod couplings off the tubing, reducing...
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    Thread Gages - (184 companies)
    Thread gages are dimensional instruments for measuring and/or verifying thread size, pitch or other parameters. A variety of thread gaging instruments and tools exist such as measuring wire, tri-roll comparators, thread plug gages, thread ring gages...
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    Thread Tapes - (63 companies)
    Thread tapes are used to seal, lubricate and prevent seizure on threaded bolts, studs, and fittings. Thread tapes are used to seal, lubricate, and prevent seizure on threaded bolts, studs, and fittings. They are commonly referred to as: Teflon tape...
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  • ZCU125
    … Diameter l/l6 Diameter 3/32 Diameter I /8 Diameter ;/ 16 Diameter l/4 Diameter 3/8 Diameter Form - 1/l? ASTM B 301 (Bar and rod ). For external threading , ground thread chasers are preferable but cut thread chasers are satisfactory if proper speed and adequate lubricant are used.
  • ZCS30
    … from Table 3 - JOMlNY HARDENABILITY BAND "J" DistanceJn. l/16 l/8 3116 l/4 5/16 3/8 7116 l/2 314 … Thread chasing can be done at 30-65 sfpm, using a IO-15 deg. hook grind on the chaser . Forms Available: Bars. rods and forgings Applications: Gears. pinions, shafts, trucks. tractors, mine cars. earth moving equipment …
  • ZCACA2001P264
    1/8 3/8 3/8 … I alloys Short-chip type II alloys Long-chip type III alloys (a) Two or three threads . Table 9 Tool geometry for tap and die chasers Tap Rake angle, degrees Throat angle, degrees Rake … Rod , 38 mm (11/2 in.) I SST(c) 305 II TST(c) 305 III Ins. SST 305 …
  • ZCACA2001P195
    With mandrel or filler; ratio, 50(a) (normal conditions) mm in. 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 9/16 11/16 … Rotary Swaging of Rod , Bars, and Tubes Rotary swaging is a process for reducing the cross-sectional … · Threading with single-head or multiple-head chasers , or with flat-die or rotary-die roll threaders.

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