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Parts by Number for 4 20 Ma Signal Generator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
JUXTAWB1A PLC Radwell Yokogawa Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator SIGNAL CONDITIONER IN 0-5 AAC OUT 4-20 MA DC
JUXTAWB1A PLC Radwell Johnson Yokogawa Test Equipment, Signal/Function/Puls Generator SIGNAL CONDITIONER IN 0-5 AAC OUT 4-20 MA DC
78037396701-1   Carlton-Bates Company Signal Conditioners Frequency to Analog: Type - Frequency to Analog Converter; Supply Voltage - 20-30 VDC; Operating Frequency - 0.1 Hz to 120 kHz; Input Signal - Voltage - 10 VDC max; Input Signal - Current - 20 mA max; Output Signal - Voltage - 0-5 VDC / 0-10 VDC normal and inverse; Output Signal - Current - 0-20 mA...

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  • Reed Relays Capable of Switching Low Micro-Volts Signals (.pdf)
    . a C. ond. n u. d c. u ti. t vi. v ti. t es. e (kcal/hr m °C). signals going through the relay. Generating over 1 mV at 20°C will. clearly swamp out any signals in the low µV range. B2 and B9 are. Mat. a e. t r. e ial. a. Ther. e ma. m l. a C. ond. n u. d c. u ti. t vi. v ty. t. opposite in polarity
  • Time-Resolved Atmospheric Plasma Investigation by Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry
    ). 20. A. ). 2.  He (99.996%). l. d. (. %. He+. N+ O+. Ar+. 0. 0. -2.  Flow rate 1.38 slm. O -3. 6. (OH)O-(H. - ). 2O). -. (b). ). O. C. u. r. r. e. n. t. (. m. 20. O. O-(H. ) 2. ). ) 2. 4. (c). Sampling orifice diameter 100µm. l. a. t. i. v. e. y. ie. (. H 2. 2O)2. O. (. H 2. -. O. O. ) 2. O. O 2
  • OMEGASAYS (R) Universal Verbalizer (.pdf)
    . It is CE-compliant and manufactured in the USA. The front panel is configured to accept inputs from a 0 to 20 mA current loop, a 0 to 10 Vdc voltage source, or a direct connection to a Type K thermocouple. The internal voice generator then announces the reading value and correct engineering units either
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    signals from 420 mA are. customary. Measuring ultrasonic sensors with analog output signals and electronic. Teach-in are multi-functionally applicable devices. The required measurement range can. be set simply by pushing a button or can be set electronically with the external control. input
  • Ultrasonic Sensors, The Silent Laborers
    of transducer used. Analog. measuring sensors use the delay time measuring system as well: A D/A converter. converts the sound delay-time, determined by the integrated microprocessor, into an. analog signal. Voltage signals from 0 – 10 VDC or current signals from 420 mA are. customary. Measuring
  • Sistine Chapel Case Study
    that can measure dew points up to 95 C (203 F) and as low as -35 C (-31 F). This integrated system includes a microprocessor based electronics, ... OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter. 4-20 mA Loop Powered Two Wire Oxygen Transmitter The Model OxyTrans is an easy to use, accurate and economical way
  • Medical Device Link .
    as an option. The heavy-duty chassis has a flow-through cooling tunnel to enhance reliability. A universal power supply automatically switches from 95 130 to 190 260 V ac, and the generators are available in 100 2200-W power ranges covering the 20 70-kHz frequency range. The company also recently
  • Advantages of In-House Generation Generation of Nitrogen for HPLC With Evaporative Light Scattering Detection (.pdf)
    . The heart of an in-house nitrogen. (model N2-04, Parker Hannifin Corp., Haver-. a number of significant benefits. This paper. generator is a hollow-fiber membrane that. hill, MA) is shown in Figure 4. Compressed air. describes how an in-house nitrogen genera-. permits oxygen and water vapor to per