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  • Shopping - Best Prices On The QSC ISA800TI Amplifier - 2400 W RMS - Big Bruin
    … pass Filters Protect Speakers And Prevent Speaker Transformer Saturation With Minimal Effect … … Maximum Cooling On DemandRear- to -front Air Flow Keeps … … Warrantyintiin Model Features:25, 70 , 100 Volt , And Low-impedance Outputs … … Mode, Both Channels Driven 8 Ohms 20 Hz-20 Khz …
  • A 60-cm multi-channel system employing pulse-phase modulation
    The i.f. amplifier, consisting of six double-tuned transformer - coupled stages, has a bandwidth of 1 • 8 Mc/s between 6-db points, centred at 45 Mc/s. … between pulses and which drives a cathode-follower output stage having an output impedance of 100 ohms . At full gain, the limiting output of 3-5 volts peak across a 100-ohm external load is reached … … r.f.-input level of — 117 db referred to 1 watt (corresponding to … … open circuit from a 70 -ohm impedance), theoretical thermal …
  • Shopping - Best Prices On The JBL Control 25AV-WH Two Way Indoor/Outdoor Monitor with 5.25" Woofer in White Enclosure - Shielded (Pair) - Big Bruin
    Magnetic shielding allows use of the speaker in close proximity to video monitors. The top-quality transformer , with reduced saturation, allows use on either 70 volt or 100 volt distributed speaker lines, with similar performance fidelity. In the bypass position, the high 8Ohm impedance allows use of more speakers on a loudspeaker line.
    4 inches N/A ohms 10, 2 inches Germanium / silicon 50%Ni-Fe A- 8 … s) Output current(s) Input power Input voltage Input current % watt(e) volts amps watt(e … Oscillating frequency Operating temperature Voltage regulation Transistor losses Ripple (peak to peak) Transformer losses *3-wire input sealed in an aluminum enclosure N/A 10.1 24.0 0.421 13,8 N/A N/A 250 cps 70 ° F ± ± 3.0% 5°F .
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  • The p-n-p-n diode as a cross-point for electronic telephone exchanges
    A transformer in the line circuit is necessary to convert from a balanced to an unbalanced connection. The maximum speech power transmitted over the switching path may vary from 20- 8 to 53mW with a Zener voltage of 6-5 ± 1-5 volts . Section 10.3 shows that if the attenuation between two 600- ohm speech circuits is to be greater than 70 dB: (a) The common-earth impedance must be less than 0 • 38 ohm.
  • The use of a simple a.c. potentiometer for the precision testing of instrument transformers
    The compensating ampere-turns were then increased by 0 01% of the secondary ampere-turns, and the resulting e.m.f. in the galvanometer cir- cuit, measured on the potentiometer, was found to be 70 milli- volts . 5) THE STANDARD TRANSFORMER The methods of testing which have been discussed require standard transformers with the … … transformer, with a 5/5 ratio, whose primary winding can be rearranged without alteration to the errors, to … The core is of Mumetal, 10 cm outside diameter, 8 cm inside diameter and 7-5 cm … … has 200 turns of 7/-036 d.c.c. wire with a resistance of 0-183 ohm .