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Parts by Number for 96 Pin Connector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
96-pin connector National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
96-PRS14024-12 Digi-Key Aries Electronics Connectors, Interconnects ZIF PGA SOCKET 96 PIN
96-100M65 Digi-Key Aries Electronics Connectors, Interconnects ADAPTER 100 PIN EIAJ QFP TO PGA
96-160M65 Digi-Key Aries Electronics Connectors, Interconnects ADAPTER 160 PIN EIAJ QFP TO PGA
ACT96MC35AB Digi-Key TE Connectivity Connectors, Interconnects CONN HSG PLUG STRGHT 22POS PIN
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Conduct Research Top

  • Are You Taking Full Advantage of Pneumatic Valve Technology? (.pdf)
    solenoids. control cabinets are reduced to simple. and ultimately ended up with plug-into-the-base. connections. Now, two cables — one. electronics allowing for a single multi-pin connector. communication and one power — can handle. or fieldbus installation. Today’s valves are smaller
  • VersaModule Eurocard Bus (VMEbus)
    as the electronic specifications for sub-bus structures, signal functions, timing, signal voltage levels, and master/slave configurations. The VMEbus uses 3U and 6U Eurocard, rugged circuit boards that provide a 96-pin plug instead of an edge connector for durability. Several VMEbus varieties are available.
  • Focus on Small Form Factors: EPIC
    , the same width as Zone 1A. However, Zone 3 is 0.500 inches. EPIC specification that has a couple of suggestions for power. deep. Most of this area has no height restriction. A small .175-inch. connectors. One is a pin and socket connector, while the other is. x 0.500-inch area is restricted
  • Increasing Bandwidth and Connectivity in Small Form Factor, High-Performance Embedded Applications:The I/O-Centric, High-Speed SUMIT Interconnect Standard (.pdf)
    . Figure 4: SUMIT-B connectors pin assignments. The SUMIT specification’s connectors. are based on the Samtec QFS/QMS. Micro High Speed Connector series. connector), using less board space. Because it does not define a specific. The Samtec connector is a one-bank. than previous solutions. The SUMIT
  • VME Backplanes and Accessories: Making Life Easy for Designers
    extender boards are designed to bring a circuit card completely out of a card cage or enclosure so that it can be tested or debugged. (see diagram #3) This provides access to both sides of the test board with test points for all of the lines on each 96-pin or 160-pin signal connector. Many versions have
  • VXIbus Overview
    specifies three. 96-pin DIN connectors called P1, P2, and P3 (See Table. Mechanical. 1). The P1 connector, the only mandatory one in VME. or VXIbus, carries the data transfer bus (up to 24 bits. The VXIbus specification defines four module sizes. addressing and 16 bits data), the interrupt bus, and some
  • Medical Device Link .
    its IBM personal computer (PC) architecture and 104-pin connector, PC/104 circuit boards provide complete PC/AT compatibility without the large PC card form factor (12.5 x 4.8 in.). The same internal definitions of a desktop PC are incorporated into PC/104's specification (IEEE Draft P996.1
  • PC/104: The Embedded PC Mezzanine
    reliable pin-and-socket. great job of supporting the 16-bit. There’s Strength connector. Each connector is. ISA standard. However, certain. designed in such a way as to allow. applications require greater. in Numbers. more than a single module to be. throughput. Therefore, PC/104-Plus. stacked

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