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  • LVDT, Half Bridge and Digital Transducer Theory

    Principle of Operation. A LVDT inductive displacement transducer is constructed using a static transformer (primary winding) and two secondary windings. Solartron Metrology - Knowledge Base - LVDT, Half Bridge, and Digital Transducer Theory. Marketing Automation Platform. English Deutsch Français 中

  • AN509 SCM5B43 - DC LVDT Input Module

    . of the excitation voltage. Special input circuits provide protection of signal. transformer (also referred to in the industry as LVDT) as a measuring source. inputs and isolated excitation supply up to 240VAC. Eight full-scale input. together with hybrid ICs which include an oscillator, demodulator

  • LVDT Use In A Bottle Inspection Machine

    require some such as finish and body geometry are conducted. degree of compatibility between output signals, avoiding simultaneously. the development of a new controls circuit. LVDT’s also offer absolute measurement capabilities. In. One customer is currently in the process of replacing a other words

  • Analog on the fly

    for an LVDT consists of a 2.5 kHz sine-wave generator, low-pass filters, rectifiers, and summing amplifiers, all of which are implemented in an FPAA. The AN10E40 FPAA offers 20 configurable analog blocks (CABs). Each CAB contains an op amp, comparator, five switchedcapacitor arrays, and other

  • Basic Output Generator Excitation and Demodulation Requirements for USD Gyroscopes

    output is in phase or out of phase with the primary excitation signal. In this regard, the pickoff is similar to a linear variable differential transformer, or LVDT. The. transformer coupling is affected by a movable core of magnetically permeable material. The core may be. attached to the gyroscope

  • Better Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing

    , producing an output signal. that is proportional to web tension. Comparison of Strain Gage and. LVDT Transducers. There are alternatives to silicon or foil strain. gages as the sensing mechanisms in tension. transducers. One of the more popular tech-. nologies is LVDT which stands for Linear

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  • Re: P\I converter

    Here is a copy (minus the diagrams) of Microchip Technology, Inc., AN695 product. This may help you understand the electronic circuits. INTRODUCTION Pressure measurement devices can be classified into two groups: those where pressure is the only source of power and those that req...

  • Re: Electronic components.

    Very often electronic components are mechanically stabilized, improved in insulation properties and protected from environmental influence by being enclosed in synthetic resin Components may be passive or active: * Passive components are those that do not have gain or directionality.^...

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Measurement Specialties, Inc.
High Accuracy LVDT for Subsea Valve Position

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, has developed and commercialized an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) to accurately measure the position of valves for subsea oil fields. This extremely rugged, highly accurate, 4-20mA loop transducer features digital calibration, digital linearity correction, and temperature compensation using MEAS ’ unique signal conditioning technology. To correct for valve tolerances, LVDT zero...

Dataforth Corporation
8B43-13 DC LVDT Input Module

decade of normal-mode. rejection above 1kHz. One pole of this filter is on the field side of the isolation. barrier for anti-aliasing, and the other four are on the system side. A special input circuit on the 8B43 modules provides protection against. accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240VAC. Clamp circuits on. the I/O and power terminals protect against harmful transients. Isolation is provided by transformer coupling to suppress transmission of. common mode spikes or surges...

RDP Electrosense
Compact LVDT

Compact LVDT from RDP Electrosense. RDP's DCTH series of DC-DC LVDTs offers ranges up to 0.8 inches (20mm) in a short body length with outputs of 0-10 and +/- 5 volts. Improved linearity and other standard options available. ...800-334-5838. DCTH Series compact short stroke LVDTs from RDP Electrosense provide excellent linearity (with options to 0.1% max) and repeatability. Specifically designed for easy interface with control systems and digital/analog conversions, this unit operates from...