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  • Analog on the fly

    for an LVDT consists of a 2.5 kHz sine-wave generator, low-pass filters, rectifiers, and summing amplifiers, all of which are implemented in an FPAA. The AN10E40 FPAA offers 20 configurable analog blocks (CABs). Each CAB contains an op amp, comparator, five switchedcapacitor arrays, and other

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  • Re: P\I converter

    Here is a copy (minus the diagrams) of Microchip Technology, Inc., AN695 product. This may help you understand the electronic circuits. INTRODUCTION Pressure measurement devices can be classified into two groups: those where pressure is the only source of power and those that req...

  • Re: Electronic components.

    Very often electronic components are mechanically stabilized, improved in insulation properties and protected from environmental influence by being enclosed in synthetic resin Components may be passive or active: * Passive components are those that do not have gain or directionality.^...

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Measurement Specialties, Inc.
High Accuracy LVDT for Subsea Valve Position

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, has developed and commercialized an LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) to accurately measure the position of valves for subsea oil fields. This extremely rugged, highly accurate, 4-20mA loop transducer features digital calibration, digital linearity correction, and temperature compensation using MEAS ’ unique signal conditioning technology. To correct for valve tolerances, LVDT zero...

Himmelstein, S. and Company
LVDT Gaging Transducers

Himmelstein LVDT's (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) will provide an extremely precise measurement of displacement for most gaging applications. They combine the rugged construction required for industrial applications with the precision normally associated with laboratory devices. These models are ideally suited for electronic gaging systems, automatic inspection systems and position feedback control. LVTG-4000 Precision Gage Heads: Repeatability = < 60 microinches. Excitation...

Micron Instruments
LVDT Signal Conditioner and Amplifier

The model LVDT or RVDT Amplifier / Signal Conditioner provides a convenient and flexible solution to the measurement of displacement or position (linear or angular) when using Linear Variable Differential Transformers or Rotary Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT's or RVDT's).  . Sensor excitation of 4.5V RMS is provided. Selectable excitation frequency between 1 and 5 kHz. Selectable sensitivity from 20mV to 10V and fine trim with potentiometer. Wide bandwidth (200 Hz) for test &...