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Parts by Number for Strain Gauge Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CEA-06-187UV-350 Digi-Key Micro-Measurements (Division of Vishay Precision Group) Sensors, Transducers STRAIN GAUGE 350 OHM SHEAR/TORQU
LWK-06-W250B-350 Digi-Key Micro-Measurements (Division of Vishay Precision Group) Sensors, Transducers STRAIN GAUGE 350 OHM LINEAR WELD
5603007 Digi-Key Phoenix Contact Sensors, Transducers STRAIN GAUGE/LOAD CELL DIN RAIL
MR2-350-128 Digi-Key Micro-Measurements (Division of Vishay Precision Group) Sensors, Transducers STRAIN GAUGE 350 OHM HALF-BRIDGE
BE127 Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL SENSOTEC Not Provided Amplifier, Strain Gauge In-Line, 1 Channel, 32VDC, 50mA Load Current RMS
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  • Strain Gauges Explained
    A strain gauge is an electrical sensor which is used to accurately measure strain in a test piece. Strain gauges are usually based on a metallic foil pattern. The gauge is attached to the test piece with a special adhesive. As the test piece is deformed, so the adhesive deforms equally and thus
  • Performing Strain Gauge Measurements Using Current
    provides the best resolution for typical. 350 ohm strain gauges, but the smaller current can be used if the strain gauge resistance is greater than. 700 ohms or if self-heating of the bridge sensor is a concern. If the 200.0 μA excitation current is. required, then this is specified as a channel option
  • Optical Strain Gauges
    There are three types of optical strain gauges: photoelastic, Moire interferometry, and holographic interferometry. Photoelastic strain gauges subject an elastomeric material to a load and illuminate the material with polarized light from the measurement instrumentation, a reflection polariscope
  • Strain Gauge Measurements With Current
    Wheatstone bridge circuits are extensively used for measuring the output of strain gauges and for measuring other sensor outputs where a relatively small change in resistance must be detected.
  • Real-time Monitoring of 210 Strain Gauges
    and proof load the structure to ensure the design criteria had been met. Equipment. 7 x DT800 data loggers. DeLogger 4 Pro. Network switch. 14 Strain gauge bridge completion units. Sensors: 210 Strain Gauges; 5 Resistance displacement transducers; 1 Load cell. dataTaker Solution. After reviewing
  • Introduction to Strain Gages
    Strain Gages (gauges): What is a Strain gage? A Strain gage (sometimes refered to as a Strain Gauge) is a sensor whose resistance varies with applied force; It converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance which can then be measured. A Strain gage
  • AN118 Strain Gage SCMs (.pdf)
    and y dimensions is negative, decreasing. Over. 150 years ago, Simeon Denis Poisson showed that. * Strain gauge manufacturers can provide temperature. compensated strain gage elements that correct thermal. uniaxial longitudinal strain, ∆L/L, is related to transversal. expansions caused
  • Medical Device Link .
    , amplified, and digitized to display the force, load, pressure, displacement, or applied torque. Foil strain gauges have distinct advantages, including reduced size, a variety of gauge patterns, and temperature compensation. Low production cost and flexibility for installation on surfaces that are flat

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