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  • CR4 - Thread: Gantry Robots and Component Picking
    … information but I once spent a large chunk of time designing and machining acrylic plastic component nests … The idea was to randomly dump the components from bins onto the nest, then "shake" the nest and components until they fell into carefully designed recesses in the nests.
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  • Design and Testing of a Landfill Final Cover With Geomembrane
    The tests additionally provided data for analyses of the Phase II test results where the cover element was housed in a bin with acrylic sidewalls. The bin was seated on a modified dump truck bed which was cased in a 3.66 …
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  • Plastics and its properties
    … creeping current strength 211 crystallization 214 Krokydolith 199 plastic-fiber 219 plastic fuel- tanks 196 plastic paper … … compatibility of polymers 427 compatibility matrix 428 vinyl chloride 606 vinyl chloride / acrylic imide-copolymers 674 … Operating categories landfill 443 ore processing residues 443 Eutrophication potential (EP) 443 surface use 442 health 442 …
    … top view of the pillbox design, and the calculated lead screw lengths and acrylic dimensions for the … The user opens the lid of Claire, dumps the prescriptions into separate bins , and then closes the lid.
  • The Alpher, Bethe, Gamow of isoelectric focusing, the alpha‐Centaury of electrokinetic methodologies. Part I
    Shall we then crown Kauman with the laurel wreath and dump Kolin and Svensson, with their picturesque quarrels, in the garbage bin ? … hexa-amino groups) were reacted with limiting amounts of an a-b-unsaturated acid, acrylic acid [27].
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  • Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Volume 227
    … is the direct dropping of litter, and dumping of items; for example, illegal dumping of waste that … Accidental littering, by contrast, results from windblown debris from bins , or from recycling and landfill … cleaners and facial scrubs (Fendall and Sewell 2009), as well as microscopic fibers ( acrylic ) shed from cloths …
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